The Rolings Bakery
kosher baking at its finest

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Try our new cookies n' cream cake and our delicious carrot cake. 

We now make old fashioned knishes. We stretch the dough by hand just like it was done in Europe, and the potato filling is made from scratch. These appetizers are made from two kinds of potatoes, onions, and love. 

Our old fashioned, hand rolled bagels were featured in Philadelphia magazine's Best of Philly on multiple occasions. 

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Welcome to The Roling's Bakery


The Bakery is a modest enterprise started in a bubby's kitchen. The breads, rolls and bagels are from traditional recipes dating back many years. As a family business, The Bakery has grown to include zeidie, uncle, aunt and grand-children numbered in the double-digits. Everything about the business is family and kosher compliant.


The products are non-dairy and middle-European in origin. Items such as strudel, knishes and kumish bread are a tribute to that origin. It could be said that anything eaten from The Bakery is a taste of the past. We are proud to offer hand-made bagels and breads that simply cannot be found elsewhere. We use only high-quality ingredients without the taint of preservatives or chemicals. Everything from The Bakery is fresh, hand-made and delicious. So come visit us today and see for yourself why the old-fashioned recipes used at The Bakery are much beloved by all.


The Bakery is located at Harrison and Montgomery Ave (entrance on Harrison Ave!) in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.