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Roling's The Bakery is proud to offer Minnes Spices. See below for descriptions.

Hawaij for Coffee/Tea

Add a pinch of Hawaij for Coffee/Tea spice mix before you brew your coffee, or to your already prepared coffee or tea. This mixture contains healthy spices that will enrich your hot drink with both aroma and exquisite flavor.












Hawaij for Cooking

Upgrade your soups and dishes by using Hawaij for Cooking! Replace other spices for seasoning - such as Chicken Style Consomme - with this spice mix to receive great taste. It is both healthier and tastier. Give it a try and see how every dish you make receives a much richer, more delicious flavor.












Rafi's Mix

Add only a pinch of Rafi's Mix for a spicy, delicious twist to your food! From sour cream, cheese and yogurt to salads, pizza, pasta and meats, each is enhanced by this great mix. Try this aromatic, spicy mixture on almost everything, you might be surprised!












Hot Pepper Mix

Add Green or Red Zhug authentic hot pastes to any dish, sandwich or salad to enrich your meals and receive an exquisite flavor.











Minnes Spices are free of preservatives and contain only natural ingredients.

Based on traditional Jewish Yemenite mixtures.